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Addis Ababa, Etiopien

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About us...

Silver Land is one of Ethiopia’s most dynamic development and construction companies. Its projects are located in Addis Abeba and they range from multi-unit residential communities and corporate campuses to exclusive residential condominiums whose signatures include superb design and enduring workmanship.

The company’s management team is made up of professionals whose combined experience and understanding of the development industry has placed them at the forefront of their field. Each team member brings their expertise and commitment to every aspect of the development process from land acquisition through design, marketing, and construction.

What we do

Buying a new home is a major investment and different people have different types of needs. This is taken into account when we develop new homes and neighborhoods in our business stream Residential Development.

Our homes offer includes single and multi-family housing. We develop residential areas all the way from choosing the location to planning, designing, constructing, marketing and sales.

How we do it

Generating value in our business stream Residential Development begins with an analysis of macroeconomic and demographic trends of where the growth is, of who the target groups are and what they need and want.

Before making land purchases, Silver Land analyzes local conditions in detail. Then begins a step-by-step process aimed at ultimately offering customers the best possible value.

During the planning stage, Silver Land establishes a framework in close collaboration with the municipal authorities. Based on the potential offered by the site’s surroundings, a neighborhood with a distinct character is created.


An attractive neighborhood is designed and built on the basis of the residents’ needs and environmental considerations. Silver Lands own sales organization then markets the new homes to the right target groups.


Concept and Analysis

Planning and premitting

Markering and contruction engineering

Sales and consutruction

Customer care

The buying process in general

When you find a home that you find interesting, you can submit an interest registration. As soon as you have made a declaration of interest, we will register it and you will receive continuous information about the project and the invitation to buy once the sale has started.

Compared to the secondary market, you don't have to make hot bids, our prices are always fixed. We work with local banks that can help you with financing or valuation of your current home if you are going to sell.

Our approach


We are driven by new thinking and like to challenge each other to take the next step all the time. Curiosity is a fundamental characteristic if we are to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges in terms of architecture, design and environmentally sustainable building technology. We are energetic, eager and dare to dream.


We are a team that works every day to become stronger and more attractive to customers, partners and potential employees. But we are also part of the big team Ethiopia, we have an important role to play in a country with great needs for sustainable homes where people can afford to live and thrive. Together, we cultivate a commitment to society that is crucial to delivering more than just housing.


We are proud, but never satisfied. The drive to constantly sharpen our offering has made us one of the fastest growing housing developers in the country. There is nothing that cannot be sharpened, there is nothing that cannot be made more efficient - it is just about how dedicated you are.